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PepsiCo launch the APAC Greenhouse Accelerator

PepsiCo launches the Greenhouse Accelerator program in the Asia Pacific. PepsiCo to make an impact on the food and beverage sector.

PepsiCo today announced the launch of the second Greenhouse Accelerator program in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region.

Following last year’s program, PepsiCo is looking to make an even greater impact on the food and beverage sector in the region by collaborating with and supporting entrepreneurs who are developing innovative solutions in sustainable agriculture, climate action, and the circular economy.

As the Asia Pacific experiences a shift towards more sustainable supply chains in an effort to reach net zero, PepsiCo understands its position to influence and be a part of this transition. The Greenhouse Accelerator APAC Sustainability Edition is an initiative to partner with innovative entrepreneurs in the region to advance the company’s goal to be net zero by 2040.

As part of the program, PepsiCo will select up to 10 applicants to receive US$ 20,000 in grants as well as mentoring from subject-matter experts from PepsiCo’s executive bench and broader leadership team. The final winner of the US$100,000 prize will be announced in Thailand in September 2024.

Applications for 2024 are now open, and APAC startups with solutions in the sustainable packaging, climate action, and sustainable agriculture spaces are eligible to apply.

“Building on the strong start we made in 2023, we are extremely proud to launch the second edition of the Greenhouse Accelerator program across the Asia Pacific region,” said CEO of PepsiCo and APAC Wern-Yuen Tan.

“Last year, we initiated seven pilot projects, each contributing to our sustainability goals and demonstrating the power of partnership. APAC is a focal region for agri and food tech innovation, and with new partners joining us, we aim to use our reach to positively influence the food ecosystem.”

Since its inception in 2017, the program received over 100 applications across the APAC region, with Powered Carbon delivering the winning solution. For the second edition of the program in APAC, PepsiCo has partnered with Suntory PepsiCo Beverage Thailand, Suntory PepsiCo Vietnam Beverage, and Circulate Capital with an aim to address a comprehensive range of environmental challenges. 

Suntory PepsiCo Beverage (Thailand) CEO, Ashish Joshi said, “Suntory PepsiCo Thailand is proactively addressing environmental challenges through an unwavering commitment to sustainability, innovation, and compliance. We are dedicated to optimizing internal processes and reducing greenhouse gas emissions across our entire value chain while collaborating with other stakeholders to achieve a net-zero carbon society.”

“Our company’s sustainability strategy and goals align with the Vietnam Government’s commitment, especially its pledge to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2025,” added CEO and general director of Suntory PepsiCo Vietnam, Jahanzeb Khan.

“We have collaborated with strategic partners to implement multiple initiatives in realizing sustainability goals, notably, our phasing out of fossil fuel in manufacturing plants and reduced virgin plastic consumption leading to the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.”

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