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KAESER Australia unveils new oil-free machine

A new, class 0 oil-free rotary screw compressor has joined KAESER’s range in time for APPEX and AMW in early 2024.

Unveiled at the 2023 Hannover Fair in Germany, the newest iteration of the oil-free CSG rotary screw compressor is now available in Australia.

KAESER will be displaying the CSG.1 at APPEX in Melbourne on 12-15 March and at Australian Manufacturing Week in Sydney on 17-19 April.

KAESER understands the importance of a well-thought-out compressed air system, whether it is for manufacturing, processing or packaging.

Benefitting from decades of experience across industries and the globe, KAESER engineers assist the customer through every step from inquiry, needs analysis, design, order, factory approval, packaging, loading and transportation to unloading and initial on-site start-up. 

KAESER has assisted numerous food and beverage businesses with their compressed air system upgrades.

Cream of the crop

Kaeser Compressors has satisfied Tatura Milk Industries’ stringent internal benchmarks for air quality in its food processing operations. Tatura Milk Industries Ltd (Tatura), a wholly owned subsidiary of Bega Cheese, is nestled in the heartland of the Goulburn Valley. 

High-quality clean air is a fundamental component of dairy manufacturing. It ensures that the quality raw dairy ingredients remain uncontaminated during processing. 

The four DSG series oil-free screw compressors that were installed at two of the company’s sites, along with Kaeser Compressors’ quality assurance, have proven to meet and exceed these requirements.

Patrick Davies, Kaeser Compressors Engineering Manager said, ‘this is an extremely effective compressed air system, with energy efficiency at its core. The SFC compressor [frequency control drive] is utilised during all operations to adsorb the minor fluctuations in air demand. When a surge in air demand occurs; one of the DSG’s [direct drive] kicks in at full load to supply the extra air in a complete block.

Direct drive compressors operate most effectively when operating at maximum capacity, so the Sigma Air Manager (SAM) is programmed to run each compressor at its most efficient levels against fluctuating air demands. Master controllers like SAM are vital for any multi-compressor station. It automatically creates adaptive behaviour of the compressor station to match with altered consumption of the plant’s use, to achieve maximum cost effectiveness.’

Fully networked compressed air system for control and efficiency

New Zealand food manufacturer Tasti Foods invested in a complete Kaeser compressed air system. Additionally, to maximise efficiency and ensure complete control and connectivity of all components within the compressed air station, a SAM master controller was also installed.

Tasti has always manufactured in New Zealand and has been in its current purpose-built facility on the Te Atatu Peninsula for almost 50 years. In that time the factory has been extended and re-fitted several times as the company has grown.

This modern facility is fully automated and designed to deliver the highest quality products, and Tasti continues to invest heavily in the required plant and facilities to ensure they can operate efficiently and to the highest quality standards. 

Compressed air is mainly used for the automation of equipment in the manufacturing process. Some of the most sensitive pieces of equipment that compressed air powers at Tasti are the sophisticated and robotic packing machines. 

Here, compressed air powers cylinders that perform a number of critical tasks from; picking and making boxes, placing the products in the boxes, to then sealing the boxes up ready for dispatch. The equipment operates very quickly – it is able to pack over 800 products a minute – however, to do this it relies on a constant supply of high quality and dry compressed air. 

The compressed air system comprises three ASD series rotary screw compressors alongside a complete compressed air treatment package which includes refrigeration dryers. For total control and digitalisation, the entire compressed air system is controlled and managed by a SAM master controller.

For Tasti, incorporating the SAM master controller was the final piece of the puzzle to ensure they had complete control of the entire compressed air system. By predictively calculating and comparing various operating scenarios, it selects the most efficient to suit Tasti’s specific needs at any one time. Compressor flow rate and energy consumption are therefore always optimally matched according to actual compressed air demand. 

Matthew Barber, Maintenance Engineering and Environmental Manager at Tasti, concluded: ‘The new Kaeser compressed air system has helped us solve a number of issues. The SAM 4.0 in particular has allowed us to develop a fully connected compressed air system, giving us a lot of control over for example our energy usage.’

Optimising the König brewery’s compressed air supply system.

For more than 150 years the Duisburg district of Beeck has been home to ‘Königs Pilsner’, affectionately referred to as the ‘King’ of beers. With assistance from Kaeser Compressors, over 1.3 million bottles are filled each day in one of the largest and most advanced bottling plants in the world.

“One of the compressors’ main tasks is to supply the brewery with a reliable supply of quality compressed air that complies with food standards. The whole brewing process relies on compressed air – from its use as a pumping medium, to the aeration of the wort at the beginning of the fermentation process, to the filling of bottles and kegs. 

Furthermore, a considerable volume of compressed air is needed for the many valves and regulators. Of course, the compressed air must be completely clean, and this is achieved using dry running compressors together with sterile filtration,” explains Werner Randschau, head of Facility Management, Environment, and Work Safety at König.

The dry-running compressed air station at the König brewery saw expansion in the form of a next-generation Kaeser rotary screw compressor: The new frequency controlled DSG leads an ensemble which also includes three previously existing dry running rotary screw compressors and has been a great success. As Werner Randschau happily explains,

“The station’s idle run time dropped from over twenty five percent to just two percent once the Kaeser machine came online. That saves a lot of electricity.”

As a leading compressed air systems provider, KAESER not only delivers compressors, air treatment components, control technology and on-going maintenance. The global experts in air technology ensure customers’ needs are met with bespoke solutions using quality, German-made compressors.  

See KAESER Australia and the oil-free CSG.1 on stand B145 at APPEX at Melbourne Exhibition Centre 12 – 15 March. 

Or if you’re in Sydney, visit stand WA635 at Australian Manufacturing Week, 17 – 19 April at the International Convention Centre in Darling Harbour. For more information, visit au.kaeser.com or
phone 1800 640 611. 

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