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Foodbank Australia sources a record amount of food and groceries for Aussie households

Foodbank Australia has revealed a record 51 million kilograms of food and groceries was sourced for Australians in 2023.

This record high is equivalent to 92 million meals, with the demand for food relief driven by the cost-of-living crisis experienced across the country.

Without support from Australian food and grocery industry’s Foodbank’s ability to support Australians facing food insecurity and hungry relief would not be possible.

Foodbank Australia chief executive officer, Brianna Casey said, “We couldn’t do what we do best at Foodbank without the generosity and ingenuity of our partners across the agriculture, production, manufacturing and transportations industries.”

Australian food and grocery industries are aiding Foodbank in supporting those in need, through donations such as ambient foods including pasta and rice; chilled and fresh foods; and household care items.

The large-scale help Foodbank offered to 3.7 million households across 2023, depends on the collaboration with farmers, wholesalers and retailers who donate food and groceries.

The coordination between Foodbank and the industry involves redistributing food and groceries that would otherwise be wasted, due out of specification requirements, close to expiry, deleted product, surplus or damaged items.

Despite the unwavering support and donations from the Australian food and grocery industries to Foodbank, the non-for-profit federated organisation is calling on the Federal Government for more help.

“Proof positive of the need for the Federal Government to deliver immediate and significant cost of living relief, including improved funding for the food relief sector to respond to ever-growing demand for food relief in communities we’ve never seen it before.” said Casey.

Those in the food and grocery industry, companies or individuals who would like to donate to Foodbank for food relief can find more information at

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