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Food safe stainless-steel fanless industrial panel PC

Interworld Electronics is introducing the FABS-9B food safe stainless-steel fanless industrial Panel PC from APLEX Technology.

Interworld Electronics is excited to introduce the FABS-9B series of food safe stainless-steel fanless industrial Panel PCs from APLEX Technology.

The FABS-9B series features a powerful built-in Intel 8th generation energy efficient core i3/i5 processor, as well as a 260-pin SO-DIMM DDR4 slot, offering up to 32GB (2400MHz) of RAM.

It has a wide range of rugged industrial features and customisable options which makes it ideal for a wide variety of food and beverage applications, including processing and manufacturing.

The FABS-9B series is housed in a fanless aluminium chassis with a 304 or optional 316 grade stainless-steel bezel that provides IP66/IP69K front panel water and dust protection.

The stainless-steel front bezel provides anti-corrosion, anti-bacteria, and anti-oxidation protection, making it durable and rugged, even when it is exposed to harsh conditions. The whole series is CE/FCC Class A certified, and the P Model has been optimised to meet the hygienic design requirements of DIN EN 1672-2, a high standard for food and beverage processing.

The FABS-9B series comes in a range of TFT-LCD screen sizes, 15” with a 4:3 aspect ratio, 15.6” wide screen (1920 x 1080 FHD), and 21.5” wide screen (1920 x 1080 FHD).

The series offers the option between resistive touch, ideal for use with gloves, and projected capacitive touch. The projected capacitive touch screen option features multi-touch support, and an anti-scratch surface which helps to improve usability, while also providing the screen with tough protection.

All screens also have the option of high brightness (1,000nits), making them ideal for outdoor use or in areas exposed to a lot of sunlight.

The FABS-9B includes: two COM, two GbE LAN ports, and four USB3.0 ports as well as support for internal Mini-PCIe expansion modules supporting 3G/4G or WiFi/BT.

Furthermore, the FABS-9B also has a DisplayPort output which enables users to connect an additional monitor when required. Additional COM, LAN and USB ports can also be included. The FABS-9B series supports Windows 10 IoT and Windows 11, helping to future-proof any applications that may be required.

The FABS-9B offers the optional smart battery backup feature, providing an emergency backup power source to protect data and the system from unexpected power outages.

The FABS-9B also supports DC 9~36V power input and an operating temperature range of 0°C ~50°C. The chassis is only 58mm deep, making it ideal for applications with limited room. Support for both Panel and VESA mounting also makes the FABS Series convenient to install, and allows the system to be ergonomically positioned for operator convenience.

The overall rugged and customisable design of the FABS-9B series offers 24/7 reliability, makes it easy to clean, reduces maintenance cost, and provides a long-lasting rugged solution.

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