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Demands for protein production set to rise

According to CSIRO protein demand is set to double by 2050, resulting in the sourcing of protein to feed nearly 2 billion additional lives.

Consumers are enjoying improved health and nutrition from high-quality diets and value-added protein products. Meanwhile, the natural environment is benefiting from reduced greenhouse gas emissions and more efficient use of water and land.

Scientists are researching diverse ways to get more from existing protein sources like meat, plants, and fish.

The Future Proteins team is on a mission to meet the growing demand, finding ways to produce more protein, more sustainably, and from more sources to feed our world’s growing global population.

Mission lead for Future Protein Dr Crispin Howitt  said, “We’re looking at diverse ways to get more out of existing protein sources like meat, plants, and fish. We’re also seeking out new sources to complement them.”

The ever-increasing global demand for high-quality protein opens up exciting new opportunities for Australian industries. These include creating new products and ingredients.

The Future Protien team is  focussing efforts on three different areas; deriving more value from animal processing by value adding; developing new plant protein-based ingredients from crops we already produce at scale to go into new products; and creating completely novel protein through technologies like precision fermentation.

While no single science will fix the major challenges that we face, our Future Proteins team is playing an important role. They are helping meet the growing global demand for more protein.

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