Product concepts for fat burning carb

Products designed for increased fat metabolism and sustained energy release can bring manufacturers significant gains in this age of consumer’s pursuit of health and wellness.

The low glycemic carbohydrate Palatinose, from Beneo-Palatinit, has been scientifically proved to promote fat burning andis the only carbohydrate to provide a sustained supply of energy in the form of glucose, while at the same time promoting fat mobilisation.

Studies have shown that, both during activity and at rest, Palatinose increases the proportion of total energy requirements produced from fat enabling products containing this low glycemic sugar to play an important role in weight reduction and control.

Athletes derive dual benefits from the new functional carbohydrate: On the one hand, they profit from a sustained supply of energy provided by Palatinose™ in the form of glucose; on the other hand they can derive a greater amount of energy from their own body fat, preserving carbohydrate sources and improving performance.

The healthy fuel

Palatinose is ideally suited for products designed both to promote fat burning and supply energy, such as sports drinks, for example, or liquid meal replacements.

It can be either on its own to improve fat metabolism or combined with other ingredients, such as caffeine or green tea that are known to boost fat burning.

Multi-functional approach

Used in combination with L-Carnitin, Palatinose not only mobilises body fat, it also ensures that it is optimally converted into energy.

Together with appetite suppressants such as Fabuless, which is made from natural palm and oat oil, Palatinose not only promotes fat burning, it also reduces calorie intake.

Even simple Near Water product concepts containing Palatinose appeal to target audiences who wish to avoid drinks containing high intensity sweeteners but are still health-conscious and want to keep their body in shape. Beneo-Palatinit

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