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Mitigating the risks of foodborne disease

Protect your brand and prevent contamination with this invaluable resource from Thermo Fisher Scientific.

When millions of Australians and New Zealanders rely on your business to maintain food safety standards, you need the best testing solutions available.

There have been several serious food outbreaks in these countries in recent years, all of which could have been mitigated through more careful testing and quality assurance processes.

The cost of these outbreaks goes beyond human health too. For example, Campylobacteriosis – the most common form of gastro in Australia – is estimated to cost the Australian economy $365 million per year in lost productivity. Additionally, a single case of food contamination can greatly cost a producer in fines, waste, losses, and reputation.

To avoid the headache of causing countless stomach aches, download this resource and arm your business with expert tips and technology. The health of the nation depends on it!

To find out more, download now:

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